First Posted Animation and a few details on Project "Hammer"

2013-03-29 14:55:00 by RedFiction

As i'm writing this, i'm preparing to upload a really crappy and quick animation i made in an hour for my brothers birthday lol. it'll be my first submission on Newgrounds and really, my first upload of any kind of artsy stuff anywhere. So woohoo for bad first impressions lol.
you can expect about 5x the quality in project "Hammer" but i figured i'd atleast get something out there. i had it made, so i slapped a preloader on it and put it up.

Speaking of Project "Hammer" you can see on my art page, or, well, here ojecthammer-teaser-picture a little preview of what the general quality of project "hammer" should look like.
i was working on the backgrounds for a particular scene and i thought it looked good enough to post for a teaser.
so apocalyptic western comedy for the win.

Wish us luck


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