More setbacks it would seem

2013-04-10 03:27:55 by RedFiction

Hmn, well I'd hate to report that project "Hammer" is going a little slower than I would like, mostly because I'm a perfectionist as well as my partner being stuck at work or other such things so we haven't gotten the voice work done yet. I'm to lazy to do my own lines yet, and I really just want to get them done together. So in the mean time, I've been doing a lot of concept and generalized work like logos, titles, loading screen stuff, background music and just about everything in-between. Two things I'm working on right now though are a revised script and reworking the RedFiction logo (again). I want the first episode to be good enough to catch peoples attention for the rest of the series. so thats difficult to do, difficult to get just the three main characters, the bad guy, the basic settings, importance, history and the general themes of the show all in one few minute script and with my perfectionist nature, its hard for me to settle, the one i have now is so close to being what i want, but the third main character is basically just mentioned and the bad guy isn't even in the episode, there just isn't enough conflict to be interesting. i mean its a good episode, its funny and stuff. but i think it needs more substance. more character.
so, back to revisions and then see what David thinks of it.
and on the logo thing, logos are just very important and the current revised logo is really good to me, but at the same time, it just looks way to sloppy, i want something clean, crisp, unique and interesting. I love our name, and i know that it might catch on if we manage to get popular, but first, we need a strong logo. you know.

anyways, back to work. thanks for reading, the few of you who happened by or the even fewer who are anticipating project "Hammer"



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2013-04-11 07:19:43

I am starting the anticipation process now, so many great things to look out for. Keep it going!

RedFiction responds:

Haha, I will, and thank you. glad to see you're interested.


2013-04-14 00:44:08

Take all the time you need to make it great! :D

RedFiction responds:

unfortunately, we probably will. so it may take a bit. But glad to see that doesn't phase you much. look for it in maybe a month? maybe two, shouldn't be much longer than that. :)