Welp, i've created the final version of our logo, as you can probably seen on the profile image or you can catch it here on our Art page as well. So, RedFiction was finalized today with the signing of our totally unnecessary but awesome PAPERWORK! and project "Hammer" has gotten back into production, the script has been worked out and now its onto actually getting it animated. I don't expect it to take longer than a month to produce, but you never know how things can go, it could be done in two weeks, or never. meh. But, I will keep you updated.

Which brings me to my other bit of news, I (Dustin Curry) will be taking over this profile more or less, (this will act as both the official RedFiction portal as well as my own). My partner David has created his own profile to fix our accreditation and revenue issues, so be sure to check him out, he makes some pretty cool 3d-art and some other stuff. He'll probably upload some stuff here or there as time goes on, so yeah. amounsgt other things, you can also check out my girlfriend Elizabeth's page, since shes technically a member of RedFiction by proxy and she will certainly be one of our voice actors. she doesn't really have anything up yet, but i'll see if i can get her to do a demo reel or put up some art or something.

anyways, thanks for reading, we're all totally stoked to get working on this, and we hope it holds up to expectations. looking forward to sharing it to the few out there who want it etc. :)
Wish us luck i suppose?
Onwards and upwards, maybe backwards.

~Dustin, out

More setbacks it would seem

2013-04-10 03:27:55 by RedFiction

Hmn, well I'd hate to report that project "Hammer" is going a little slower than I would like, mostly because I'm a perfectionist as well as my partner being stuck at work or other such things so we haven't gotten the voice work done yet. I'm to lazy to do my own lines yet, and I really just want to get them done together. So in the mean time, I've been doing a lot of concept and generalized work like logos, titles, loading screen stuff, background music and just about everything in-between. Two things I'm working on right now though are a revised script and reworking the RedFiction logo (again). I want the first episode to be good enough to catch peoples attention for the rest of the series. so thats difficult to do, difficult to get just the three main characters, the bad guy, the basic settings, importance, history and the general themes of the show all in one few minute script and with my perfectionist nature, its hard for me to settle, the one i have now is so close to being what i want, but the third main character is basically just mentioned and the bad guy isn't even in the episode, there just isn't enough conflict to be interesting. i mean its a good episode, its funny and stuff. but i think it needs more substance. more character.
so, back to revisions and then see what David thinks of it.
and on the logo thing, logos are just very important and the current revised logo is really good to me, but at the same time, it just looks way to sloppy, i want something clean, crisp, unique and interesting. I love our name, and i know that it might catch on if we manage to get popular, but first, we need a strong logo. you know.

anyways, back to work. thanks for reading, the few of you who happened by or the even fewer who are anticipating project "Hammer"


Update For Project "Hammer" and Revenue stuff

2013-04-06 03:05:21 by RedFiction

now, as the 3 or 4 people who have ever visited my page can see, nothing much has happened so far. I uploaded that atrocious animation which is an incredibly poor representative for the quality of my work (i say my, because I'm the animator of our group and basically the lead, guy, thing, sorta, David and i create the stories together and i animate and together we hammer out the kinks, or rather this is what we will be doing, once we get back to work lol)

Anyways, project "Hammer" is slow going, but its going good. I've mostly been working on logo, symbols and frame work stuff. Such as Refining the RedFiction Logo and basically finalizing the Series name and other details. Been very busy with midterms and a bunch of other things, plus Lilliume and I are volunteering for this Charity event, Todd Anglin Home for Children we've been real busy helping set it up and stuff.
If we ever end up making money on this site, I'm certainly going have to try donating not just volunteering for it haha. other than becoming a supporter for Newgrounds and funding our projects and such of course.

Speaking of which though, I've signed this account up for revenue sharing and stuff, so thanks for visiting this page (viewing, clicking adds and stuff) hopefully when we actually get project "Hammer" out of its code name and onto this site we can get some real revenue going, and not like 2 cents a month or something haha!
I'll have David create is own account, and I'll use this one as my own, since I've been the acting as head of the RedFiction's Personal Relations so far anyways lol. but having this division will make our revenue earning easier, since David and I are in this 50/50. so instead of me getting a check, cashing it and paying David, he'll have his own set up and get paid his half his way. more efficient and certainty less of a headache. this is of course if we ever get project "Hammer" out of development xD
Hopefully somebody likes it.


First Posted Animation and a few details on Project "Hammer"

2013-03-29 14:55:00 by RedFiction

As i'm writing this, i'm preparing to upload a really crappy and quick animation i made in an hour for my brothers birthday lol. it'll be my first submission on Newgrounds and really, my first upload of any kind of artsy stuff anywhere. So woohoo for bad first impressions lol.
you can expect about 5x the quality in project "Hammer" but i figured i'd atleast get something out there. i had it made, so i slapped a preloader on it and put it up.

Speaking of Project "Hammer" you can see on my art page, or, well, here http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/redfiction/pr ojecthammer-teaser-picture a little preview of what the general quality of project "hammer" should look like.
i was working on the backgrounds for a particular scene and i thought it looked good enough to post for a teaser.
so apocalyptic western comedy for the win.

Wish us luck

Well, since David is going to be stuck working for most of spring break and i only really want to animate the characters when we have the voice recordings finished, "Project Hammer" will be experiencing a few delays. For the animation portion, I'm basically going to be stuck working with backgrounds and such until we find the time to record. (character animation goes much better when you have the voice work to flow around)

so, in the mean time we'll try and keep the updates coming to the few people who even know about this lol, and I'll also be trying to create a nice theme song. I'm basing it on an old Russian folk song. Lilliume has been helping me learn how to read music, and we got some pretty good work done, but unfortunately, having the demo version of Fl Studio we can't save, unless you export it as an audio file and well there were some difficulties and we lost our work. Shes busy today so we'll have to try again another day. for now I'm just messing around with Fl and seeing if a can make any useable music for show. so far, i haven't really. so I'll probably post some of my failed experiments on here for you all to hurt your ears with. making music sound happy seems to be difficult for me. o_o


So Tl:DR
-Delays, waiting on voice work. animating backgrounds and making awful music in the mean time.
To do list
1. Get voices recorded
2. Create theme song, and more generally usable music
3. Finish backgrounds
4. Start character animations
5. finalize and post.
6. ???

RedFiction Entertainment and Project Hammer

2013-03-16 23:08:07 by RedFiction

Hello, Newgrounds. I'm Dustin Curry (the one on your right) and this is my Friend David Dean, and we are RedFiction Entertainment. We've both been on Newgrounds for a long time, mostly as just passersby with a bunch of misplaced accounts and such. We created a 2 man team to make a series on this site about 3 years ago, a little project we called "Project hammer". Basically for three years that account just sat there because life and procrastination. Well we've began to start that old project back up, rebuilt from the ground up (hopefully this time something will actually get posted lol) and well we thought it would be silly if our account name was the code name for our project. So we made a separate account (this one) to be our hub for "project hammer" and any of our other works. So hopefully less confusion.

We want to bring something that hopefully you all will like, so we look forward to providing that. Wish us luck, we'll keep posting updates as we build our series up. So far we have a script and a story board completed, all that's left now is for us to record voice work and for me to get down to animating (I'm actually not bad, I've had a bit of practice just never submitted anything before, so hopefully this turns out with a decent quality)
It's a comedy, and a sort of pseudo-western. Hopefully that's enough for now to spur a tiny bit of interest.
Thanks for the views (if any) good day or good night to you, and hopefully we have something to show for our work in the future.